Monthly High Income ETFs

Building and maintaining a properly diversified portfolio can be challenging even for seasoned investors. Keep it simple but sophisticated with an actively managed income portfolio from Fidelity.

Why choose Fidelity Monthly High Income ETF portfolios?


Active management.

Unlike passive ETF portfolios, Fidelity Monthly High Income portfolios are actively managed by portfolio managers on Fidelity’s Global Asset Allocation team to help achieve your income and capital gains goals.


We diversify. You benefit.

Fidelity’s experienced Global Asset Allocation team will take care of allocating the investments within the portfolio to maintain the ideal balance of risk and return.


The power of reinvesting.

Whether you are saving for retirement or building your wealth, reinvesting your monthly distributions can help you reach your goals faster through the power of compounding.


Choosing the best ETFs: Five things smart investors check before buying

Portfolio manager David Wolf discusses how Fidelity Monthly High Income ETF portfolios could work for you.

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