Fidelity Canada policy in response to COVID-19

At Fidelity, the health and safety of employees, clients and communities is our top priority. Working very closely with public health authorities, we have implemented several measures to keep everyone safe and to continue our operations seamlessly and effectively. The following are some of these measures:  


  • Working closely with public health authorities: Fidelity is working very closely with relevant public health authorities and implementing recommended best practices. Furthermore, we have engaged the services of a third-party medical organization to augment the directions provided by the relevant public health authorities.


  • Monitoring: We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the fluid situation and making decisions in the best interest of all stakeholders.


  • Proactive measures: Given our global operations, we have leveraged best practices and key learnings from other parts of the Fidelity organization. This includes mobilizing the assistance of Fidelity’s Contagious Illness Response team. Planning for situations like this one is ingrained in Fidelity’s culture and operations, and we continually test and evaluate our business continuity planning and systems to ensure our systems and people are ready. To minimize the chance of disruption, we have proactively split key functions, including trading and compliance, and our portfolio management teams are working at home.


  • Work-from-home strategy in effect: As recommended by public health authorities, we have implemented social distancing on a company-wide basis. Most Fidelity Canada employees in all regions (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal) are working from home until further notice. Our work-from-home capabilities have been tested and are functioning effectively.


  • Business continuity plan in effect: Fidelity Canada’s business continuity plan includes a multi-site strategy for a limited number of critical employees who are required to work in the office. We are actively moving more of these employees to work-from-home arrangements, which is allowing us to effectively spread out more. Recommended social distancing practices, combined with heightened hygiene practices, are strictly enforced for employees in the office. All business continuity-related systems have been tested and are functioning effectively.


  • Investment teams operating effectively: Our portfolio managers, research analysts and risk personnel are working from home. They often work remotely in the normal course of business, so the transition has been seamless. Meanwhile, our trading, investment operations and IT support teams have been split between two office locations. These teams are functioning effectively.


  • Third-party continuity plans: We have reviewed the business continuity plans of all critical third parties and are in continual communication with these parties throughout the execution of their plans. We are not aware of any issues to date and, as such, are satisfied with their design, testing and implementation, to the best of our knowledge.


  • Commitment to the highest standard of service: We are not expecting any changes to any of our services or impact on our clients. At Fidelity, we have the highest standard of service and resources, and plans are in place to meet this standard even under current conditions.


  • Visitors to Fidelity Canada offices: For the foreseeable future, all non-critical, in-person visits to Fidelity offices have respectfully been cancelled.


  • Travel: We are restricting non-critical domestic and international travel for our employees.


  • Employee support: We have ongoing support and communications for employees. This includes a dedicated telephone line and regular updates through email and our intranet. On our intranet, we have a range of resources that our employees can access to help them better navigate today’s challenging times. Examples include, but are not limited to, the best work-from-home practices, insurance coverage information, wellness and resilience tips, educational materials on how to minimize risk to individuals and communities, and more.


  • Virtual engagement: We have changed all planned and future in-person meetings to virtual meetings until further notice. This applies to all our externally facing staff. In the meantime, we will be leveraging our digital capabilities to provide regular portfolio manager access and commentary. Over the years, we have made significant investments in technological solutions and infrastructure to be able to lead in today’s digital economy.


We value our partnerships and we are committed to helping you through this current period of uncertainty. If there are any material changes that could impact you and your business, we will advise you accordingly.  

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