Fidelity retirement survey 2018


Your retirement is an exciting opportunity to see and experience the things you’ve been saving for. At Fidelity, we believe that financial advice and a customized retirement plan provide you with clarity and confidence on your retirement journey. With the right advice and a customized plan, you can make your retirement dreams a reality.

Fidelity’s annual retirement survey presents insight into how Canadians near – and already in – retirement are approaching the next stage of their lives.


This year’s survey includes a look at

  • the timing of retirement

  • savings goals and challenges

  • life in retirement

  • working in retirement

  • the benefits of a financial plan

Timing your retirement

Retirees: At what age did you retire?

Pre-retirees: At what age do you intend to retire?


Chart 1:  Age of retirement, intended vs. actual for retirees and pre-retirees



Components of written financial plans

Pre-retirees: Which of the following components are currently part of your written financial plan?

Chart 2:  % of components that are part of a currently written financial plan.  Only about a 50/50 change that pre-retirees have included wealth transfer and health care decisions into their written financial plans.


Four dimensions of retirement preparedness

All respondents: How prepared are you for retirement?


Chart 3:  How prepared retirees with / without a plan vs. pre-retirees with / without a plan are prepared for retirement financially, emotionally, socially and physically







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