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When a company makes a profit, two of the ways earnings can be used are to: reinvest back into the company or pay shareholders a dividend. A dividend-focused investment strategy generally targets higher dividend yielding companies that are expected to sustain and grow their dividends.

For long-term investors, dividends can be a powerful tool. Dividends add income to investor portfolios, and by reinvesting these dividends, investors can also capitalize on the power of compounding. 

 At Fidelity, our dividend factor funds seek to track the performance of tailor made indices that are actively designed by Fidelity Management and Research Company.


Fidelity Canada High Dividend Index ETFs and Mutual Funds

  • Single-factor exposure to high-quality dividend-paying companies.
  • An outcome-oriented approach that seeks to deliver monthly income.
  • An efficient complement to a well-diversified portfolio.

Fidelity Dividend Factor ETFs:

The Fidelity Dividend Factor ETFs are also available as mutual funds. The mutual funds invest in the underlying ETFs:


*This is not an index mutual fund and may invest in underlying funds that are not managed by Fidelity. This fund may also invest, to a lesser extent, in underlying funds that do not invest in global dividend-paying equity securities.

Dividend factor ETFs infographic

Learn how Fidelity dividend factor ETFs work

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